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Introducing Bishop’s Manor

Introducing Bishop’s Manor

Apr 7, 2021 | Views


Forward Housing is proud to present to you our newest affordable housing development, Bishop’s Manor! This building is a true example of what can happen when Government, Private and Non-Profit sectors collaborate for the greater good. As our CEO, Gary McNamara has stated, ‘this building truly is a project for the community, by the community.’ Thanks to support from the Federal, Provincial and Municipal government, as well as donations form the Private sector through the Resolve Campaign, Forward Housing is thrilled to open the doors of Bishop’s Manor to the 200+ vulnerable Calgarians that will call this building home.

Sustainable Rental Model
Bishop’s Manor follows a rental model that provides a unique payment structure for each resident based on their personal income and needs. Rent is calculated to reflect 30% of a tenant’s gross incomes and their rental rates are reviewed annually. We’re proud to be able to provide personal and financial stability and security to hundreds of Calgarians living in or on the cusp of poverty. Bishop’s Manor is an inclusive building welcoming of people of all backgrounds and in all life stages; we have 104 units to fill and are accepting applications for low-income families, singles, and seniors alike.

Fostering Community in Bridgeland-Riverside
Bridgeland-Riverside, with a population of just under 10,000, is one of the most livable neighbourhoods in Calgary with a livability score of 74/100 (which is considered excellent). Outstanding amenities, job opportunities and quality schools define this neighbourhood, situated just north of the Bow River. We strive to engage within the communities in which we operate, and the opening of Bishop’s Manor presented a wonderful opportunity to partner with several local businesses to create welcome baskets for the new tenants. We are incredibly grateful to the local businesses and community members that have stepped up to welcome the tenants of Bishop’s Manor into this incredible neighbourhood.

Fostering Community Amongst Tenants

Fostering community within the building itself is one of our top priorities. This building will be the first in our portfolio with three- and four-bedroom units, allowing us to house larger families for the first time in our organizational history. In addition to families, this building will be home to wide array of individuals of all ages from diverse backgrounds, cultures, life experiences. We intend for Bishop’s Manor to reflect the diversity of the community at large and will create opportunities for tenants to connect and engage with their neighbours to build a natural support network within their building. Bishop’s Manor has many communal spaces including a community garden, a rooftop terrace, and a wellness room for tenants use.

Tenant Mental & Physical Wellness

With affordable housing comes access to essentials such as healthier food and healthcare. However, more than just the basics, Bishop’s Manor approaches resident health in a more well-rounded manner. In anticipation of the building’s opening, the Forward Housing team has been connecting with social service agencies to discuss potential programming opportunities and support services for tenants. The building has a total of 14 Barrier-Free units and features a wellness room which can be used for any wellness purposes including yoga, meditation, prayer, and Smudging, the Indigenous practice of burning sacred plants and medicines for spiritual and cleansing purposes. Bishop’s Manor’s community garden offers several health benefits beyond access to fresh produce. Gardening reduces depression, anxiety, and stress. In Japan, green space has even been linked with increased longevity.

Job Creation & Education Opportunities
Bishop’s Manor will improve employment opportunities for the residents. The security of a fixed address combined with decreased rental costs means many adults have the tools and time required to seek out employment or further education. This building will also capture the educational benefits of secure housing for children, including the decreased likelihood of mental and developmental problems.

Keep an eye out for the official grand opening of Bishop’s Manor which, in account of the pandemic, will be taking place live on social media on April 19. Follow our social media pages to keep updated!