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  1. Why are the two agencies merging?

The merger is motivated by a desire to: grow swiftly and efficiently to provide more affordable homes to Calgarians in need; continue to improve the experience of current residents; and provide a robust voice for housing affordability in the city.


  1. How many employees are there and what will be the impact on them?

Together in the two organizations there are about 50 employees. There will be no layoffs as a result of the merger. In fact, there will be more opportunities for growth in a larger affordable housing provider.

  1. What are the impacts on residents?

Residents will see no changes to how to contact us or how to pay rent or rent amount. Over time, because of greater capacity, the combined agency will continue to improve the experience for current residents and grow to provide more affordable housing for future residents.


  1. What are the impacts on partners (agencies, neighbours, donors, government, peer agencies)?

The combined agency will continue to value and nurture the relationship it has with partners. With a desire to grow more quickly and efficiently, we look forward to also growing and strengthening our agency partner relationships.


  1. How big will the combined agency be?

The combined agency will be one of the largest not-for-profit affordable housing providers in Calgary, with more than 2,000 Calgarians (including more than 500 independent seniors) living in 30 buildings throughout the city.


  1. Is this a balanced merger or will one of the agencies have more influence in the combined entity?

This is an equal combination, with the chief executive officers and chairs of the boards in both agencies holding the most senior roles.


  1. What is the process to merge?

Extensive due diligence was done, and the boards of directors approved the merger in June. Work to combine the agencies has begun. When the merger is finalized in the fall, the new entity will start doing more detailed integration, including developing a new name and brand.


  1. Will the combined agency be very different?

The two organizations have nearly identical strategies and cultures, so the new combined agency will be very similar in its goals and ways of doing business. There will be greater capacity to continue improving the experience for existing residents and to grow to provide more affordable housing to Calgarians.


  1. Will there be a new name and brand?

Yes. Once the transaction is finalized in the fall, work to develop a new name and brand will begin.


  1. Where can I learn more or ask a question?

If your relationship is with Forward Housing, please email [email protected]. If your relationship is with Horizon Housing, please email [email protected].



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